Spacemaker VR

The best virtual reality design and presentation tool. Smart, affordable, and easy-to-use. Much more than a rendering engine. Use your 3d models!

What is Spacemaker VR?

Spacemaker VR is an exciting new way to create virtual reality models you can walk in using your own 3d design files. Now you can feel what it’s like to walk through your designs throughout the design process. Let your imagination run wild!

Why is it great?

Spacemaker was made for traveling, using as an everyday design tool, and giving jaw-dropping presentations to clients and friends. This software works with your existing design software and makes it easy to export your 3d design files into immersive experiences that you can walk in!

Super affordable VR

Spacemaker takes the best features of a full walking VR system and shrinks them down into an affordable and portable package that you can fit in your backpack! The Spacemaker system takes advantage of low cost/high quality head mounted displays (HMD) designed for video games.

Much more then a rendering engine

Your 3d files converted in seconds

Designers Love Spacemaker


“It’s one of those inventions that all architects are soon going to realize they need – and clients will soon start to expect. In architecture’s VR future architects, clients, and even contractors won’t be able to remember what it was like to not have this system.” Guy Horton, Writer at Arch Daily

“Spacemaker can add some new perspective to the entire design process.” Justine Testado, Writer at Archinect

“The workflow of importing a model into Spacemaker is orders of magnitude easier than the same task in Unity.” Jared Cheshier, Architectural Animator

“Spacemaker is going to change the way that we design spaces. We work on extremely challenging building projects, and this product is going to make it easier to test and create better designs.” Tobias Nolte, Director at Gehry Technologies

“You just put the headset on and you are in your design. It can’t get easier than that.” Makoto Mizutani, Founder, Scout Regalia

“It was easy to get my [3d] model out of Studio Max and into Spacemaker. After we talked about the changes, I exported the new model and my client could immediately see the detail we were talking about.” Andrew Keegan, Director of Technology, Variate Labs

“I see a lot of potential to use this beyond architecture, from creating new kinds of virtual tools, workspaces and applications, to a completely new kind of entertainment experience. I can’t wait to walk into the world of my favorite movies and TV shows. I think Spacemaker is the first step.” Alexandre Schmitt, Executive Producer / Creative Director, POSSIBLE

“I was blown away by the Spacemaker system. I see huge potential to use this right now to help my clients envision our designs. It’s going to save us a ton of time and money.” Kenna Ryman, Project Manager/Designer at Mary McDonald Inc.

“I see huge potential to create new experiences that will enable our visitors to travel to places they might not ever be able to visit. When you use Spacemaker you feel like you are really there.” Randol Schoenberg, President of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Made for designers like us

Take Spacemaker everywhere

Spacemaker is super portable and was designed to be used on site, at your client’s house, at your office, or on your couch at home. The 3d rendering engine powering Spacemaker is designed to work well on laptops making it easy to travel.

Works with tons of file types

.3ds, .ac, .bsp, .dae, .dwg, .dxf, .fbx, .flt, .gem, .geo, .iv, .ive, .lw, .lwo, .lws, .logo, .md2, .obj, .ogr, .osg, .shp, .sta, .stl, .wrl, .x. Visual results will vary depending on the specific file format and the amount of time you put into your model. .osg/osgb, .dae, .wrl, and .3ds are known to work especially well with Spacemaker.

Works with your existing softwares and process

Third-party softwares like 3d Studio Max, Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, Autocad and many others can create or export some of the these file formats. Spacemaker makes it easy to quickly jump back-and-forth from designing a 3d space to walking inside it.

Comes with a great 3ds Max Plug-in

Spacemaker comes with a robust Audodesk 3ds MAX plug-in. The first version of Spacemaker will also include a powerful exporter plug-in for Autodesk 3ds MAX that enables advanced scene creation workflows for managing and exporting large scenes.

Your clients will be SO EXCITED!

It’s easy for everyone in the room to have the same conversation while someone walks around inside a space. The person wearing the HMD will see in stereo 3d while everyone else can see in beautiful seamless monoview.

With a HMD you feel like you are really there

The view that you see matches the position of your head making you feel like you are really there. Right now, Spacemaker works with the Oculus Rift but it will also support other HMDs. You can order an Oculus Rift now or wait until next year for their rumored high-definition HMD.

Reconfigurable keyboard movement

All movement in the 3d viewer is mapped to the keyboard and/or mouse. Using the Spacemaker user interface, you can customize the keys you want to use for your presentation. This makes it easy to use a number of third-party control devices like joysticks, controllers and other devices.

Brandable presentation display

You can show your logo in the second screen display, to give your presentation a personal touch for your favorite clients.

Real-time snapshots and videos

With Spacemaker you can take real-time snapshots and videos while inside the model so you to take notes and add annotations for future design changes.

Runs on Windows and Apple Boot Camp.

Works with Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above

Spacemaker works well, right now, in a Boot Camp environment on the Mac. We are looking into a near-term solution to use Spacemaker in Mac OS but that is not currently included in this Kickstarter.